EMW - Move Sustainably. Stay Healthy // 2021
Our team @AMS is behind the process for this short animation, from concept, design, development until final delivery. The goal was to produce a video to present the annual theme of the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2021: Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility. From a technical point of view we expanded the visual language that EMW already got in his bags, mixing 2d and 3d solutions and different animation techniques.

Concept, storyboard and animation development: Fabrizio Bonaga, Matteo Barbeni, Michele Tozzi
Illustration: Chiara Ricci
Character animation: Michele Tozzi
Animation and compositing: Fabrizio Bonaga, Matteo Barbeni
Editing: Fabrizio Bonaga
Music and sound design: Federico Malandrino
Project manager, communication manager: Marco Iozzo @ O-Zeta, Alessia Bertuca, Claudia De Luca
Background illustration by Chiara Ricci:
Some animation ideas that didn't fit in the final version:
The process from early animatic to delivery edit:
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